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Syntopia Documentation


The documentation for 'Syntopia' is still under development. These pages are just preliminary placeholders.

See the project webpages for more info: syntopia.sourceforge.net

Feel free to browse the documentation, but dont expect anything until a more mature version is released.

Syntopia consists of a number of subprojects, each residing in its own namespace:

  • SynthCore is all the DSP routines: generators, filters, envelopes... It also contains the VST interface code.
  • GUIToolkit is an independent Graphical User Interface Toolkit. It contains wrapper classes for a number of standard Windows API components: Buttons, Labels, Comboboxes, menus, sliders and a couple of more advanced components: (including a double buffered canvas class). The event handling part is still very immature.
  • Utils is some helper classes: amongst them some string conversion, and a XML library (mainly for serializing C++ objects)
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Syntopia Project. Visit the web page, or the SourceForge page.
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