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Syntopia Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SynthGUI::AInputCombined drop box / slider component
Utils::AttributeNodeUsed to represent XML Attributes
SynthCore::BiFilterBiFilter is a biquadratic filter implementation
SynthCore::BiQuadThe BiQuad module implements biquadratic filters
GUIToolkit::ButtonA simple button object
GUIToolkit::ComboBoxCombo Box. A selectable drop down list
GUIToolkit::ComboBoxItemItems for use in a combo box
GUIToolkit::ComponentBase Class for all Components
SynthCore::coordSimple coordinate class
SynthCore::DelayLineSimple (non-fractional) delay line
GUIToolkit::dividerDivider - a simple static graphic component (similar to a ruler in HTML)
SynthCore::DummyBenchmarking module
SynthCore::EnvDataClass for storing envelope, and performing interpolation
SynthGUI::EnvDialogClass for manipulating the Envelope module
SynthCore::Envelope3Envelope3 is a generic envelope module
GUIToolkit::eventThe event struct passed to the user supplied event handler
GUIToolkit::EventHandlerInterface for user implemented event handling. The end-user must implement this interface (IE he must supply a class derived from this) with a overridden HandleEvents method
SynthGUI::FilterDialogClass for manipulating the Filter module
SynthCore::FourierStatic class for doing Fourier transformations and constructing simple waveforms
SynthCore::FreqTableFreqtable converts midinotes to their corresponding frequency in Hz
GUIToolkit::GUIControlMandatory class for administrating every GUI
SynthCore::InputInput is a generic input, used in almost every module
GUIToolkit::LabelSimple static label
SynthGUI::mainDialogThe main UI window
GUIToolkit::MCanvasDouble-buffered canvas
GUIToolkit::menuItemItems to be used on a context menu
SynthGUI::modMod is the class for visually representing a module
SynthGUI::modInOutsClass for graphical representing in and outputs
SynthGUI::modListContainter for the 'mods' displayed on the main UI window
SynthCore::ModuleBase class for all modules
SynthCore::moduleRegistryRegister all modules in this class In order to load Synth presets from an XML file and in order to use the GUI the system needs to 'know' about the modules. It needs a pointer to a constructor so that it can create objects from string representations at run-time. Therefore it is neccesary to register using the 'add' method in the registry
SynthCore::MultiplierMultiplier: IE ring-modulator, VCA or amplitude modulator
SynthGUI::OscDialogDialog window for manipulating Oscillator/Sampler setting
SynthCore::OutputOutput is a generic connector endpoint
Utils::parseErrorException thrown by XMLDoc.parser
SynthCore::PolyphonyCombines the polyphonic parts into one signal
GUIToolkit::popupMenuA context menu (usually invoked on right mouse button click)
SynthCore::SampleSample Container
SynthCore::SampleMapSampleMap maps midikeys (0-127) to corresponding samples
SynthCore::SamplerThe main oscillator class
GUIToolkit::ScrollBarA standard scroll bar
SynthGUI::SlideInputA combined slider and text box input component
softSynthSoftsynth is derived from AudioEffectX and implements the basic VST interface
SynthCore::SynthThe main container for the various modules
Utils::TagNodeUsed to represent a tag node (I.E.: <html> )
GUIToolkit::TextBoxSingle- og multi-line text box
Utils::TextNodeUsed to represent text nodes
SynthCore::TubeTube is a waveguide based experimental delay/reverb kind of effect
SynthCore::WaveShaperAplies a non-linear transformation to input signal
WindowTest class for GUIToolkit
GUIToolkit::WinFormThe main windows class. A containter for all Components
Utils::XMLDocClass for representing a XML document
Utils::XMLNodeThe base class for all XMLNodes

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