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Syntopia File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AInput.cpp [code]
AInput.h [code]
Button.cpp [code]
Button.h [code]
Canvas.cpp [code]
Canvas.h [code]
Component.cpp [code]
Component.h [code]
divider.cpp [code]
divider.h [code]
envDialog.cpp [code]
envDialog.h [code]
envelope.cpp [code]
envelope.h [code]
Events.h [code]
fft.c [code]
fft.h [code]
filter.cpp [code]
FilterDialog.cpp [code]
FilterDialog.h [code]
filters.h [code]
GUIControl.cpp [code]
GUIControl.h [code]
Input.cpp [code]
Input.h [code]
Label.cpp [code]
Label.h [code]
Listbox.cpp [code]
ListBox.h [code]
External/main.cpp [code]
GUIToolkit/main.cpp [code]
Utils/main.cpp [code]
MainDialog.cpp [code]
MainDialog.h [code]
menu.cpp [code]
menu.h [code]
Modules.cpp [code]
Modules.h [code]
OscDialog.cpp [code]
OscDialog.h [code]
Output.h [code]
polyphony.cpp [code]
polyphony.h [code]
sampler.cpp [code]
sampler.h [code]
sndutils.cpp [code]
sndutils.h [code]
softsynth.h [code]
StdAfx.cpp [code]
StdAfx.h [code]
Synth.cpp [code]
Synth.h [code]
SynthEngine.cpp [code]
SynthEngine.h [code]
SynthGUI.cpp [code]
SynthVoice.cpp [code]
SynthVoice.h [code]
t2.cpp [code]
TextBox.cpp [code]
TextBox.h [code]
thread1.h [code]
tube.cpp [code]
tube.h [code]
Utils.cpp [code]
Utils.h [code]
vstgui.cpp [code]
vstgui.h [code]
waveshaper.cpp [code]
waveshaper.h [code]
WinForm.cpp [code]
WinForm.h [code]

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